Environmental Policy

HSL Group Ltd are a provider of services to commercial and industrial buildings on behalf of our clients. We are fully committed to achieving best practice by conducting our activities such that we continuously recognise our responsibilities to the environment.

This commitment is accomplished by:

  • Integrating environmental standards into our business planning and decision making
  • Being aware of our client’s environmental policy and strategy; proactively participating to achieve further improvements
  • Identifying, evaluating and managing environmental aspects associated with our activities to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of adverse impacts on the environment
  • Setting and reviewing of appropriate environmental objectives and targets as required
  • Continuously monitoring the company’s environmental performances by use of management review systems and procedures
  • Complying with all applicable legislation and regulatory statutory requirements as appropriate for each local area
  • Committing to the prevention of pollution of all HSL activities
  • Training all employees in environmental matters appropriate to their role
  • Conserving resources by the efficient consumption of energy and materials
  • Implementing waste minimisation programmes where required
  • Encouraging all suppliers an subcontractors to develop environmental policies endeavouring to ensure that they comply with environmental requirements
  • Ensuring that this policy document is made available to clients and employees

"We are fully committed to achieving best practice"